Ashe Photography Studio

Who are these two handsome guys behind Ashe Photography Studio?

Well, thank you.  We are Tyler + Chris, two great friends that love to tell stories through photography.

We love weddings.

We’re both married to the love of our lives, so much so that we named our photography studio after them. Our wives Ashley and Asheley were actually friends long before we ever met, so in some backward, indirect way, our friendship and partnership are kind of thanks to them.

We love real.

Photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. We are passionate about telling stories through our images. Utilizing natural light, our secret for success is simple; create an incredibly fun and relaxed environment, which allows your perfect love story to shine through the lens. Our goal is to capture the best version of you, resulting in natural, beautiful, and timeless images. Real moments, real emotions, nothing manufactured or forced through unnatural posing.

We are different.

Each and every couple deserves a boutique experience, which is why we significantly limit the amount of weddings we accept each year. Your wedding is way more to us than a date in our calendar. We are invested in creating the most treasured experience possible for you. We like to think our style and approach to photography speak for themselves through our work, and hopefully you dig what we’re about.

By the way, we love to travel. Take us someplace epic.


Random, useless facts about Tyler + Chris…

  • Tyler once won the Pinewood Derby.
  • There is a wood-fired oven currently residing in one of our backyards.
  • Chris may or may not have taken ice skating and cooking lessons as a child.
  • Tyler has an unhealthy obsession with Costco.  But seriously, Costco is pretty awesome.
  • Late night trips to Taco Bell are not uncommon in our friendship.
  • Extra quesadilla sauce at Taco Bell is always required.
  • Real men love to cook.  At least that’s what we tell ourselves.
  • We had a standing man-date every Sunday night to watch Breaking Bad together.
  • Tyler + Chris also run a pretty rad food blog called Shared Appetite.
  • Our talent comes from the One who created us.

How we’re different…

  •  Tyler + Chris shoot your event.  We’re exclusively yours.  No substitutions, no subcontracting.
  • We don’t do this full time, and honestly, we like it that way.  Photography is our greatest passion, and it’s something that we don’t want to become the “W” word.  You know, “work”.  We love meeting new people and photographing their special moments.  Each and every event is one we truly look forward to, with the same giddy anticipation that you have.  It’s fun for us, and we’d like to keep it that way.
  • All of your finalized images are just that.  Yours.  No copyrights, no watermarks.  Do with them what you please.  Make prints.  Get giant canvases to hang up above your bed.  Make t-shirts, coffee mugs.  Heck… even make it into a puzzle.  We include a non-commercial photo release with every engagement and wedding.  Just promise us that if you make up t-shirts, you’ll send one our way.  We like t-shirts.
  • You’ll get a preview gallery of select images to share with your family and friends within one week of your wedding.  It’s a little something-something you can look forward to while you’re away enjoying your dream honeymoon and we’re stuck here.  On Long Island.  In traffic.
  • Our engagement sessions are at the location of your choice for 90 minutes… not just a quick portrait sitting inside some bummer of a studio.  Because that’s lame, and we’re the exact opposite of that.
  • Still have some questions?  Check out our FAQs.
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