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Allison + Joe – Massapequa Riviera Wedding

Massapequa Riviera Wedding Photography |

No bride likes to see the “R” word when it comes to weather forecasts.  Neither do we.  We loathe the “R” word when it comes to Long Island wedding photography.  There are so many beautiful aspects to photographing in the rain, but we know how upsetting and disheartening it is to our couples that have spent countless months planning their big day.  We truly want it to be the very best day of their entire lives, and that “R” word can cause lots of undesired stress for our bride + grooms.

Well, we tracked the weather all week long.  The forecast changed a bit to give us some hope as the day got closer… and then the hammer dropped as we checked the weather one more time the night prior to their Massapequa Riviera wedding.  100% rain.

Thankfully, Allison + Joe aren’t the average couple.  They (and their entire bridal party) seriously embraced the rain.  On the docks of Northport Village right after they tied the knot.  Under nightfall at the Massapequa Riviera in between tearing up the dance floor.  They owned the rain.  No weather was putting a dampener on their happiness.  Their smiles cut right through the drops and lit up our cameras.  And that, our future brides, is how it’s done.

And you know what?  Their Massapequa Riviera wedding photography was perfect.  Because it’s not about the weather.  It’s about Allison + Joe and their perfect love story.  And their story is pretty darn flawless.

Allison + Joe.  We love you guys.  Your kindness.  Your beauty.  Your fearlessness.  May your days be filled with love + happiness!


We’d like to take credit for arranging this semi-inebriated musician singing a love song to Allison + Joe as we walked to the end of the Northport Village dock, but it was completely by chance.  And although it was a little awkward at first, it ended up being pretty awesome.  Fast forward to when we delivered Allison + Joe their photo gallery, they happily announced that on a return trip to Northport Village, they stumbled upon the very same semi-inebriated musician.  #fate

Massapequa Riviera Wedding Photography by Ashe Photography Studio

A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors that made Allison + Joe’s wedding absolutely incredible!

Venue: Riviera Waterfront Massapequa

Dress: Wedding Dresser Couture By Vassa

Flowers: Tim’s Florist

Cake: Campbells Bakery

Limo: M&V Limousines Ltd.


PhotoBooth: The Modern Photobooth

Videographer: Wedding Cinema 

Massapequa Riviera Wedding Photography: Ashe Photography Studio

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