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Why pick Ashe Photography Studio?

The two most important things you can ask yourself when picking your wedding photographers are Do I love their work? and Do I love the actual photographer(s) that will be with me all day on the most important day of my entire life?

Your wedding is a huge deal.  We get that, and we believe it’s an incredible honor to get to document your love story.

So first and foremost, check out our work.  We strive for clean, natural, and timeless images.  No trendy gimmicks or filters.  We simply capture the best version of you.  If you dig our style, let’s chat.  We’ll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day, so we want to make sure that our personalities jive.  I mean, we’re pretty cool, so there’s that.

Why two lead photographers?

The normal in wedding photography is to have a lead photographer and second shooter/assistant.  You’ll probably already know your lead photographer, but the second shooter is usually someone you’ve never met and doesn’t work with the lead photographer at every wedding.

Tyler and Chris photograph every wedding together.  Because you’ll know us so well by the time your wedding arrives, you’ll feel extremely comfortable in front of our cameras.  And because we work together at every wedding, there’s this sixth sense between us which helps us seamlessly document your entire day.

Why shouldn’t you pick Ashe Photography Studio?

Your vision for your wedding images and our style of photography has to match.  Take a look through our collections.  If you like our bright, clean, and timeless style, great.  If you’re looking more for that heavily posed, manufactured sunset, filtered image photography, we’re probably not the guys you’re looking for.

What’s your primary style?

Clean, natural, and timeless.  We like to tell a detailed story, one where we capture real moments with real emotion, all the while working through your event as unnoticed as possible.  The word being thrown around right now for that kind of photography is photojournalism.  We will gladly also do the more “traditional” shots that your mom and dad are going to want.  But really, we want you to be able to relive your wedding day every time you pull out your album and look at your images.

Who actually shoots my event?

The two handsome dudes on the about page.

I want to book Ashe Photography Studio. What’s next?

First off, you’re awesome and we can’t wait to work with you!  But before we do, send us a quick email and we’ll meet up in person to go over the details.  We feel it’s really important to meet before

Who edits the images?

We do not subcontract out any part of the wedding process.  Tyler + Chris personally go through every image, removing the “throw aways” (where we caught you blinking, test shots, etc.), and then go ahead and optimize every one with color correct and other post process techniques so that every one looks exactly how it should.

When and how will I get my images?

We work fast, but remember it’s just the two of us guys.  Give us some time to get that whole post-processing thing done.  You’ll have a preview gallery ready within one week, and then we’ll get you your fully-edited, high resolution images on your very own personalized digital gallery as soon as possible (and always within three months).

Where are you willing to travel?

We love planes, trains, and automobiles. The movie and the modes of transportation.  Most of Long Island is included in our current collection pricing, and we’ll gladly travel pretty much anywhere you want with a minimal travel fee.

What’s your best advice when choosing a photographer?

Don’t just look at their select “portfolio”.  Ask to look through full galleries so you can see that you love how they document the entire day.  Equally important is that you love how they photograph in all different times of the year and in all different lighting situations (full sun, cloudy, rain, and indoor flash).

Do you like their style?  Does it feel right? Are their images consistently awesome, or are there a bunch of duds mixed in?

If you love the work, then schedule a meeting and make sure you also like the people photographing your wedding!

Are you insured?

Of course!  We carry the standard liability policy that every venue in the area requires.   We always provide the venue our liability policy certificate upon request.

Should we do a first look/reveal?

If you are having a church ceremony and have adequate time and natural light for portraits between when you leave the church after your receiving line and before the start of cocktail hour, there’s no need for a first look.

If your ceremony is at your venue, we often recommend a first look for our couples.  You spend so much time and money planning this epic celebration, and we really want you to attend every moment of it!  We are happy to take portraits during cocktail hour, but just remember it’s not just the two of you that will then miss all those tasty finger foods.  We’ll need your bridal party and your family for a good portion of it, and also probably won’t have time to photograph all your reception room details.

My parents have a bunch of photo requests. Is this okay?

Your parents have been dreaming about this day far longer than you have.  We make sure to introduce ourselves to your parents upon arrival to bride prep and groom prep and explain to them that we are 100% here for them as well!  It’s not every day they get to see a lot of the extended family and are all dressed up with their close friends, so any photos that they’d like we are happy to capture for them!

My friend said their wedding photographer missed a bunch of important photos!

When we meet in person, Tyler will most likely tell you how Chris is a super “Type A” planner.  In order to make sure we capture every single photo you want on your wedding day, we have created a wedding day questionnaire that we ask every couple to fill out about a month before their wedding.  Following this, Chris creates a detailed wedding photography itinerary for you that includes every bridal party and family portrait request, as well as any other special photo requests throughout your day.  We then carry these itineraries with us on your wedding day (and also share them with your videographers) so that we never miss any of your requests.

What will you wear to our wedding?

We dress the way your guests will be dressed (i.e. suits), so we can blend in and go as unnoticed as possible.

How far in advance should I book my wedding?

Because we only accept a select amount of weddings per year and our calendar fills quickly, we book up to two years in advance.

Do you have a recommendation for ________?

We’ve photographed a lot of weddings and have met a lot of very talented people.  We have compiled a very select list of wedding vendors that we highly recommend.  To be on this list, they have to do incredible work AND be incredible to work with.  We are happy to share our Recommended Vendor list with all our couples upon request!

Engagement Sessions

What should I wear for my engagement session?

Wear something that looks great and you feel great wearing.  Layers also photography really well, so think about fun accessories that show off your personality.  You totally don’t have to match your partner, but aim for something complementary.

Should I change my outfit for my engagement session?

That’s completely up to you.  Most couples like to plan on wearing two different outfits, one more casual and the other a bit more formal.

How long are engagement sessions?

Approximately 90 minutes.  We’ll go someplace special to you, or if you need some suggestions, we have plenty of those, too.

Should I get my hair and make-up done for our engagement shoot?

That’s a great idea!  Many brides-to-be take advantage of their wedding hair and make-up trial to see how it photographs.

Can we bring props to our engagement session?

Yes!  Bring stuff that brings out your personality.  Guitars, wine/champagne and glasses, old vintage cameras, balloons, blankets and throw pillows, picnic, lawn games… you think of it, we’ll incorporate it.

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