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Joanie + Patrick Zombie Engagement Session – Port Jefferson, NY

Our very first engagement session of 2015!  Joanie + Patrick were absolutely great sports to come on out and brave the frigid cold January weather a recent Saturday afternoon in the Village of Port Jefferson on Long Island.

Cold, you say?!  We know… Joanie + Patrick totally don’t look cold.  And they aren’t even bundled up all that much.  We could say something totally cliché like their overwhelming love for each other created a bubble of warmth and sunshine wherever they went.  But we aren’t going to be cliché.

These two were absolute pros.  We were both huddled behind our cameras in thermals, many layers, winter coats, gloves, and hats.  But Joanie + Patrick?  Psshh.  They made it look like a beautiful spring day.  Because, well, they rock.

Long Island Zombie Engagement Session Port Jefferson |

I’ll tell you why these photos above were so cool.  First, obviously, because Joanie + Patrick are in them.  Duh.  They’re awesome.  But also, little random tidbit about both Joanie + Patrick.  They are both amateur comics that enjoy doing some improvisational comedy now and again.  This Port Jeff building just happened to have Comedy Festival signage in all of their windows.  Coincidence?  We think not.

And no, Joanie + Patrick didn’t meet one night after doing a show.  That would have been cool, though, right?  …but they do admit that sharing in this mutual hobby definitely did help deepen their love for one another.

So this is where our typical little Port Jefferson engagement session became, well… very atypical.

You see, we were just doing our thing behind the camera.  Joanie + Patrick were doing their thing of being amazing models, looking off into the distance from the Port Jefferson pier, when this random guy kept limping up, photo-bombing a bunch of their photos.

We honestly didn’t even notice him at first…. this guy was good at lurking.

Once we realized this sketchy character was indeed following us, we quickly moved to a different location.

…but it wasn’t just some random dude trying to photo-bomb every single one of Joanie + Patrick’s images.  It was (dramatic pause).

A Zombie.

So we ran, far far away.

And I mean, since Joanie + Patrick had these beautiful custom made wine glasses and a bottle of wine to enjoy, we figured let’s quickly photograph this special moment before we hightailed it out of this zombie-infested town.

Apparently we didn’t run far enough.  Slowly, he made his way towards us.

The initial fight or flight response was indeed flight.  Run!

But Patrick had a change of heart.  His flight turned into fight.  He did, after all, want to save both his wife-to-be and amazing wedding photographers.

Victory is ours.

…except those darn zombies don’t die easily.

Joanie had enough.  It was time to end this, once and for all.  No one messes with her engagement session.  No one.

Congratulations Joanie + Patrick.  Not only are you enjoying a beautiful time in your lives as you celebrate your engagement, you can also toast to surviving your very own mini zombie apocalypse.

…or did you??

…to be continued.  Maybe.

In either event, we are beyond excited to capture all of your special wedding day moments as you exchange I Do’s this May at the Bate’s House in East Setauket.

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