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Laura and Alex – Babylon, NY Engagement Session

Meet Laura + Alex.

We met up in Babylon Village on a recent beautiful Monday late afternoon to celebrate their engagement.

Monday, you say?  Alex’s weekends work a little differently than the average bear.  His two busiest days at work are Saturday and Sunday.  He’s a park police officer.  While you’re off getting your tan on and partying at your local beach and park, he’s making sure you stay safe.  Thanks for your service Alex.

And Laura.  You have to check out her yoga website.  She’s able to twist her body and hold poses that we would easily break our faces trying to attempt.  It’s mighty impressive.

We were so honored to be able to document Laura + Alex’s love for one another throughout Babylon Village and the nearby Argyle Lake.  They both might need to flex their muscles while at work, but they melt into each other’s arms every time they embrace.  Congratulations Laura + Alex!

Laura and Alex Babylon, NY Engagement Session


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